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Album Review: Martha Spencer

Artist: Martha Spencer

Album: Martha Spencer

Year: 2018

Label: Independent

Genre: Appalachian, Bluegrass, Country Folk

Take one quick listen to Martha Spencer and it’s impossible to think of anything other than deep-rooted, classic Appalachian country music. This is true blue mountain music, folks, and it’s nestled between the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where Spencer grew up surrounded by family who played music not so different from what she now brings to life. Spencer’s self-titled debut album might just be the oldest sounding brand-spankin’ new record I’ve gotten my hands on yet.

Spencer’s songs are alive, and you can feel the life that had been brought into them when they were written in the way her tender voice croons the lyrics. Spencer brings the very roots of country music right into the modern day, a welcomed reminder of how far we’ve come. However, perhaps it’s time we strip it down and bring it right back to the basics again. We could use more of this. A lot more of this.

Not only does Spencer ooze tradition with her vocals, but she also brings forth a traditional style of lyricism with various fresh tracks and multiple traditional songs from the Blue Ridge Mountains themselves. Turns out we don’t have to wrack the old shelves of records at the thrift stores anymore to find these classic sounding songs. They’ve been right under our nose, slipping far too easily under the radar. We see you, Martha. We got you, girl.

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