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Andi Groah – Hey Morgan

The name Groah may sound familiar to those of you in the industry; guitarist Danny Groah has worked alongside Alan Jackson for decades now. From the sound of things, Groah has passed his musical talent and love for the genre on to his daughter, Andi Groah. Recently graduated from Bridgewater College in her home state of Virginia with a degree in Communication, Andi Groah has been singing for as long as she can remember. “My dad is a guitarist and my grandmother is a singer/songwriter so I grew up around music, and my love grew from watching and hearing them. When I was about fourteen my grandmother taught me my first three chords on the guitar, and I’ve been playing ever since then.” Penning her own songs in high school helped Groah find her voice and her confidence, and she’s still writing today. “I’ve always been a very quiet kid, writing music was a way for me to express and say things I couldn’t say in a face to face conversation with someone.”

Andi Groah is a guitarist as well as a singer, and she loves experimenting with different sounds in her own songs. “I write mostly country music, but I love experimenting with my music. I listen to such a broad range of music from every genre, and they all have some sort of influence on me. I have two very special guitars, one is my grandmother’s Gibson hummingbird from the 60s that she used to play in her family band, and the other is my Dad’s old road acoustic. It is a Guild guitar. I love using both of them when I write.” In addition to honing her songwriting skills, Groah just moved to Nashville a couple of months ago to take a job at the Country Music Hall of Fame. She is still learning her way around town and spends all of her free time writing. “I hope to start playing around and meeting new songwriters. I love to sing and play, but writing is my passion. I get the inspiration for my songs from my real life experiences. I draw a lot of inspiration from emotion whether it be happiness or pain, but I’m a sucker for writing sad songs. I write what I know, and hope that at least one person who listens can relate to the story I’m telling.”
“Hey Morgan”, the song Groah chose for this week’s Belmont Sessions, is a song written about her side of a situation she found herself caught in the middle of. “I wanted the song to have an open letter feeling, sort of conversational. A lot of times you hear songs where women are pitted against each other rather than the man being blamed for their wrongdoing. I wanted the song to have a message of empowering women and offering some truth and kindness as opposed to anger and resentment for one another.”

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