Rapid Fire Round: Tyra Madison

Tyra Madison is no stranger to the stage. She began her singing career at the tender age of four, where she would attend the local “Pickin’ and Grinnin’ with her papaw. This time spent with bluegrass musicians, including her papaw and uncle, really shaped Tyra’s love for music. After winning her school talent show in Kindergarten by singing “You are My Sunshine” a cappella, this sealed the deal. Tyra then knew she wanted to be

On Tour with The Wild Feathers

If the Steve Miller Band and your favorite honky-tonk act had a love child, it would be The Wild Feathers. Started in 2010 and currently signed with Warner Nashville, the Wild Feathers are billed as a country rock band and are seeing growing success as they start their headline tour next month. With a heavy southern rock influence, Taylor Burns, Ricky Young, Joel King, and Ben Jarvis Dumas are putting their own spin on modern

Rapid Fire Round: Alissa Griffith

"Who we are is a complicated thing. In every version of ourselves, we experiment with expressing our feelings, our sensations, or our singular perspectives on life—the good, the bad, and the ugly. We ache to impart our experiences to the world but mostly we just have something important to say and often times difficulty with which how to say it. We fall in love, we have regrets, missed opportunities, euphoric moments, cherished memories, impromptu dizzying

Rapid Fire Round: Kylie Rae Harris

“I just want to see the day you tell me that I did okay. God, I hope I’m still around twenty years from now.” In the closing track from Kylie Rae Harris’s self-titled EP, the singer-songwriter pens a note to her six-year-old, written a few months after her own father passed away. She notes that it’s a little surreal to be the same age as her parents were once -- an inevitable piece of the circle

Behind the Scenes with Jimmy Bowen

Bluegrass and Country artist Jimmy Bowen shares more than just a name with the famed producer who was active throughout the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s in our industry; he shares a passion for the music, an innovative spirit, and an ability to reinvent himself to stay relevant in a constantly changing landscape. Jimmy Bowen, the legendary Bluegrass guitarist and singer, was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and found a passion for numbers and

Break My Heart: Shantel Breaks into the Nashville Music Scene with a Bang

Small town girl takes on Music City. It sounds like an industry fairy tale and anything but believable, but for up-and-coming singer/songwriter Shantel it is the truth. Let’s be clear: fairy tales don’t actually come true without a lot of humility and hard work, and though Shantel’s Nashville coming of age starts with a stroke of luck and the singer being in the right place at the right time, this young woman has certainly given


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Stella Parton is celebrating five decades in the entertainment industry as an international award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, author and producer with the upcoming release of her 40th studio album, Survivor, available March 29. Parton independently produced the ten-song project, which she recorded at Nashville Sound Project House with engineer Mike Loudermilk. Survivor features eight of Parton's original songs including “I Ain’t Leavin’ ‘Til I’m Even," a collaboration with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Wayne Carson (“Always

Aaron McDonnell on His Muse, His Musical Upbringing, and New Projects

When it comes to country music, the best material comes from the most genuine people in the business. It’s artists that have a respect for more than just the artists that have come before them. It’s artists that have a deep understanding of the history and technicality of the genre from the songwriting to the production. One will not find a more studied, talented, genuine, and humble musician in country music than Aaron McDonnell. He’s

Top Artist to Watch in 2019: Lainey Wilson

There is a grounded wisdom to Lainey Wilson that radiates when she speaks. Perhaps it was her farm-community upbringing; a childhood lived through a series of jobs given by her farmer of a daddy, assignments given by her teacher of a mama, or the fact that she spent the majority of her formative years on the back of a horse, trusting that she’d be strong enough, calm enough, commanding enough to let the beast know

On Tour with Farewell Angelina

The greatest joy music can bring is a connection with someone else. Whether it is a favorite song, a shared love of an instrument, or the power you feel when you realize you've hit a perfect harmony in the car with your girlfriends, music is a tie that binds our entire world. Once a connection is made it isn't forgotten. The women of Farewell Angelina are using that connection for something more than their own