Chloe Collins: The Last Time

Chloe Collins, a student majoring in songwriting at Belmont University, is making a splash on the Nashville circuit. Yet another talented young woman who began singing as soon as she could speak, Collins recognized her love for music at an early age. "I first realized my love for music when I sang a solo from The Sound of Music at my elementary school recital and I could hear the audience applause rumble through the auditorium.

Kiddo – Olivia Bandy

Olivia Bandy has a unique talent for harnessing the power of home and those we grew up with in song. For this week's Belmont Sessions, Bandy reminds us of all the loving advice we heard through the years. Listening to her new song made me want to call my mama.

Lauren Weintraub: Careful Now

This week's Belmont Sessions artists came to us on suggestion from Olivia Bandy, our artist-in-residence. Needless to say, when we heard Lauren sing, we were blown away. With strong songwriting skills and an already seasoned voice, Weintraub has got what it takes to hash it as a young artist in Nashville. Weintraub currently attends Belmont University where she is majoring in Songwriting with a minor in Music Business. Of her current home in Nashville, Weintraub

Olivia Bandy – The Next Wave

The truest sign of a good songwriter is the ability to listen; to take in stories wherever one can and digest them to turn them in to new beautiful, powerful things. Olivia Bandy certainly possesses that talent. Drawing inspiration from a true story she read in a memoir, Bandy wrote "The Next Wave". She knew when she read the memoir last year that she wanted to write a song about what she'd encountered and she

Martina Dawn – Me

Martina Dawn is a fourteen-year-old singer from the small town of Devon, Alberta, but she's been wowing crowds around North American for the last two years. Martina Dawn has performed in venues such as Nashville’s Tootsies, Honky Tonk Grill, The Country Music Hall of Fame, and in Memphis at the famous Graceland. Closer to home, she was a Semi Finalist for this years KDays Talent Competition, and a Finalist for both the Big Valley Jamboree’s

Andi Groah – Hey Morgan

The name Groah may sound familiar to those of you in the industry; guitarist Danny Groah has worked alongside Alan Jackson for decades now. From the sound of things, Groah has passed his musical talent and love for the genre on to his daughter, Andi Groah. Recently graduated from Bridgewater College in her home state of Virginia with a degree in Communication, Andi Groah has been singing for as long as she can remember. "My

Olivia Bandy – In This House

In this house there's a shelf a books I have read and reread A report card from second grade I hung up on the fridge And rooms full of ambers make the nights less intimidating Every picture down the hallway mama found worth framing   Scratches on the wall showed the times I grew The dust on my bible proved I had a lot more growin to do And life came down pretty hard sometimes But the roof and the walls still stood And lord

Rachel Crick – PILGRIM Project

Belmont Sessions Rachel Crick

Rachel Crick knew what she wanted to do from the time she was four years old. After watching the fiddlers on the Grand Ole Opry on television at her grandparent's house, she began telling her family that she wanted to play the violin. After two years of pleading, Crick's mother relented and enrolled her in lessons. From there, Crick grew up with her violin in her hand, studying classically until her grandfather, who had played

Ben Valine – Ground Speed

Ben Valine Fiddle

Ben Valine has stayed busy since he arrived at Belmont University in 2016. Now with a Master's Degree in Commercial Guitar Performance, Valine is on the guitar faculty at Belmont and is finishing his second Master's Degree in Viola performance. A talented performer with multiple instruments (I'm not sure there isn't an instrument Ben can't play), Valine took a serious, professional interest in music as a young teenager. "When I was a kid I always