Trixie Mattel is My Favorite Country Star. “This Town” Proves Why She Should Be Yours, Too.

Brian Firkus is my favorite songwriter. Trixie Mattel is the heart of country music in its current form. Bold statements, I know, but Firkus proves their songwriting talent again and again with every new release. One may not think that a six-feet tall drag queen in three-feet tall hair really fits the bill for the heart of country music - if that’s the case, the ‘one’ in question has obviously not listened to Mattel’s latest song off

30 Second Reviews: Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means of course this review had to be focused on all the new love songs released! Whether you’re celebrating or mourning the day, a pop, outlaw, or traditional country music lover, there’s a song for you on this list.  “Along The Way” - Allie ColleenThere is something extremely unique about Allie Colleen’s approach to music. In an arena where singers are all competing to sound alike, Colleen intentionally stands out. There is

Album Review: Ronnie Dunn-Re-Dunn

Artist: Ronnie Dunn Album: Re-Dunn Label: Big Machine Genre: Country/Classic Rock I’m convinced that Ronnie Dunn could release a recording of him reading the phone book and it would go platinum, so the fact that he was kind enough to actually record songs for his new album, Re-Dunn, means that country music fans everywhere better go buy this album ASAP. Dunn, with his distinct voice and musical stylings, has given audiences a true music lovers album this time. Rather

2019 Concert of the Year: Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker provided much of the soundtrack of my childhood. I distinctly remember falling asleep to her voice in the back of my grandmother’s old silver Thunderbird, “Two Sparrows in A Hurricane” coming through the speakers as she drove on through the southern California desert, cigarette hanging out the window as she hummed along. This didn’t just happen once. It happened a lot, almost as if Tucker’s soulful crooning was a beacon of hope for

30 Second Reviews: Weekly Round Up

Elizabeth Donald: Easier to Apologize This song has quite the pedigree: written by Hillary Lindsey and produced by John McBride, Dan Huff, David Huff, and Dan Dugmore, Donald recorded it at the famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville and has earned the approved of the legendary David Foster with her soulful voice and rich melodies. Donald's newest single is the perfect "calm after the storm" anthem of "forgive and forget" in every day life and love.

Concert Review: The Wild Feathers

The Wild Feathers kicked off their 2019 Neon Frontier tour on the Texas Lottery Plaza at Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Texas on Thursday, April 11. With singer/songwriter Lauren Jenkins as their opener, the group showed their inaugural audience a great time. Lauren Jenkins, a promising up and comer in the country music industry, gave one hell of a show considering her circumstances. Jenkins arrived in Texas with no clothing and no toiletries thanks

Reba McEntire: Track By Track Guide “Stronger Than the Truth” Reba McEntire is one of the greatest country singers, well...ever. Whether she is penning her own or making expert selections from other writers, the woman knows how to pick a good song that will resonate with the audience she’s built up since the late 1970’s. Her newest album is no exception to this rule; every track was made for heartbreak, healing, and that little party phase we all go through when we finally wipe our

Throwback Review: Loretta Lynn Sings

Artist: Loretta Lynn Album: Loretta Lynn Sings Year: 1963 Label: Decca In honor of Loretta Lynn’s upcoming birthday party at Bridgestone Arena on April 1, I’m taking a step back in time to the Queen of Country Music’s very first album. With two charting singles, Loretta Lynn Sings was released on December 9, 1963. In the issue dated December 21, 1963, Billboard reviewed the album, stating "Miss Lynn sings up a storm on this fine new album, on songs by

Album Review: Trisha Yearwood – Let’s Be Frank

Artist: Trisha Yearwood Album: Let's Be Frank Label: Gwendolyn Records, LLC Genre: Big Band, Jazz Trisha Yearwood's new album, Let's Be Frank, technically is not country... but she's Trisha Yearwood and she can do whatever she wants and we're going to listen. I picked up this CD as a gift from my sweet mama for Valentine's Day. I'm usually so focused on new country releases as part of my job that this album is not something I would've rushed

Album Review: Red Marlow – Country As Cornbread

Artist: Red Marlow Album: Country as Cornbread Year: 2018 Label: RM LLC Genre: Neo-Traditional Country Some of you may know Red Marlow from Season 13 of NBC’s The Voice. He walked onto that audition stage with a very clear idea of who’s team he wanted to be on when he walked back off--Blake Shelton’s. However, rival judge and fellow country girl Miley Cyrus put up one heck of a fight for him. Even I would have been tempted to leave