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Chloe Collins: The Last Time

Chloe Collins, a student majoring in songwriting at Belmont University, is making a splash on the Nashville circuit. Yet another talented young woman who began singing as soon as she could speak, Collins recognized her love for music at an early age. “I first realized my love for music when I sang a solo from The Sound of Music at my elementary school recital and I could hear the audience applause rumble through the auditorium. I was hooked.”

Collins plays both piano and guitar, but tends to favor the guitar, commenting that, “It has 6 strings, 12 frets and infinite possibilities for riffs, chord progressions, and new creative sounds. I also enjoy writing on guitar more than writing on piano because that was the original instrument I used to write my songs.”

Chloe Collins is currently playing her original music around Nashville in honkytonks and acoustic venues like The Bluebird Cafe and Douglas Corner. She’s also traveled to The Bitter End, The Opry City Stage in New York City, and the House of Blues in New Orleans. Collins loves to collaborate with other songwriters and hopes to have her music published and go on tour after she graduates with her B.A. in songwriting.

As a songwriter, Collins finds inspiration in anything and everything she can. “It could be a storyline on a TV show, something a friend tells me about their breakup, or something from my own life. I’m writing down ideas everywhere, from the margins of my school textbooks to my grocery list. “

“The Last Time”, this week’s Belmont Sessions video, was written and performed by Chloe Collins.

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