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EP Review: Cody Johnson – Ain’t Nothin’ To It

Artist: Cody Johnson

Album: Ain’t Nothin’ To It

Year: 2018

Label: CoJo Music/Warner

Genre: Texas Country, Red Dirt

Happy New Year! This week’s review is going to be the very first review of 2019, so I’ve decided to ring it in with an artist who is finally getting the recognition he deserves out there in the mainstream country music scene. If you don’t know who Cody Johnson is yet, let me point you in the direction of his latest release, Ain’t Nothin’ To It, a five-song EP bearing same name as his upcoming full-length album. Be sure to come back for more Cody Johnson in three weeks, as I’ll be covering it the Thursday after it’s January 18th release!

Of the five songs, I’m only going to be mentioning a couple, as I’ll be following up later. Counter productive? Yeah, I guess you could say that. I really did want to wait, but I just couldn’t, I’m too excited and I wanted to send y’all his way to pre-order the album before it drops. Let’s help a cowboy out, what do you say?

This ain’t Johnson’s first rodeo. He’s been in the studio before and has five other full-length albums under his belt. “On My Way To You” is Johnson’s current single, and it’s a real good one. Trust me, there’s fiddle and steel, and we can hear it on the radio. Thank you, Warner. You’ve done a good thing reeling this one in. Let’s talk about its lyrics too, while we’re here. Listen to that, would you? A song about a woman and he isn’t leering over her all creepy and uncomfortable like in a bar. Ugh, it’s music to my ears. Can we have more of this? I want more of this. This is how you do it. Round of applause to songwriters Tony Lane and Brett James.

I have a soft spot for songs that give nod to the artists that came before them, so naturally, “Monday Morning Merle” was my top song on the EP, and what I’m sure is also going to be my top song on the album. I’ll be sure to report back on that. Just hearing their names and the names of the hits they sang gives me this incredibly nostalgic and heartwarming feeling of better days where you’re driving around with the windows down in the middle of summer. Apart from the two songs mentioned, you’ll find a cover of The Charlie Daniels Band’s “Long Haired Country Boy,” and the most adorable little love song I ever did hear called “Fenceposts.”

Go get in your feels, y’all. Hype yourself up for the full-length version of Ain’t Nothin’ To It and get you a pre-ordered copy while you’re at it.

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