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God & Your Mother – Luke Hilgenhold

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We are so excited to finally be back with the Belmont Sessions! To kick off 2021, we have twenty-three-year-old singer/songwriter Luke Hilgenhold, sharing his original song titled “God & Your Mother,” featuring his co-writer, Jon Sims, on the keys.

Hilgenhold grew up in Tell City, Indiana where he developed a love for classic country music and artists such as Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Garth Brooks. It is clear to see their influence, especially Brooks’, as the idea to write “God & Your Mother” sparked from listening to a Garth Brooks convocation at Belmont University. “I heard him say something about “God and the Father.” That really stuck with me. I went back to my apartment and said, ‘What if it was “God and Your Mother” – two people that will always be there for you no matter what, through thick and thin?’ I had the idea and immediately started to jot down lyrics. I went to my roommate, Jon Sims, and we wrote the song in an hour, probably. Those are the good ones.” It is a good one, Luke!

Certainly, Hilgenhold has a gift for tugging at the heartstrings, which, based on his reason for writing songs, makes perfect sense.I am inspired to write country music because it comes from the heart. It is something special to hear a song that you wrote, transform through the recording process and become the song that it is.”

After graduating from Belmont in May with a degree in Music Business, Hilgenhold is currently fulfilling one of his industry dreams. He is working as a merchandiser at a company called futureshirts. Through this, he gets to work alongside other creatives to serve artists and other entertainment clients. When he is not working, you can catch him playing gigs around town or at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills. 

Luke Hilgenhold and Jon Sims perform “God & Your Mother”

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