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Gun Shy – Sarah Faith

Our girl Sarah Faith is back for another session! This time she’s sharing her new single, “Gun Shy” with us! Faith says of her new single, “Gun Shy was written in a hotel in Northern Michigan when I was on a gig with the band I sing backup with. I felt like there was something to be said about that tricky point I’ve (we’ve all) been to multiple times in my (our) life where you break up with someone and right in the middle of trying to deal with that mess, you meet someone else that feels like the right fit. It’s that weird feeling of hopefulness mixed with apprehension, and it has always made me feel gun shy. When I met my husband, I was especially gun shy because I had just gone through a tremendously difficult breakup and was in the process of convincing myself that a long term relationship just wasn’t for me – I didn’t have the patience to deal with one more “Mr. Right” who turned out to be a terrible life choice. Also, this song is about forgiveness. Having learned just how perfect of a match Ryan is for me, I sort of felt bad for being apprehensive with him when we first met. I learned that sometimes being scared of the next heartbreak isn’t always worth spending that much time thinking about.”