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Jump – Sarah Faith

Our latest Belmont Sessions artist is the sweet Sarah Faith! Educated in Business administration and Spanish at Alma College in Michigan with a Masters in Communications from Oakland University, Faith has been a fan of country music for the majority of her life. “I realized my love for music at a very young age; I can remember singing country in the back of my mom’s car while we were driving around. I was always singing as a youngster. My dad also gave me great taste in music – he’s more of a rock guy and gave me a HUGE love and knowledge of 80s and 90s rock – lots of classic stuff.”

Though Faith did not pursue a degree in music, she has been in choir since she was young and currently plays the guitar. In addition to guitar, she has dabbled in piano and drums, and loves all instruments. Self-taught on piano and guitar, she has recently started songwriting and embarked on a journey to tell the story of her life through song. “I get a lot of inspiration from my own life story. I’ve got a colorful past; my parents divorced when I was fine, my mom lost story of me when I was twelve, and then I lived with my Dad until I was an adult. After that, and a few rotten relationships, I’m still standing. That’s important to recognize!”

In addition to writing her own music, Faith is the backup vocalist and acoustic guitarist for Alan Turner and the Steel Horse Band, and has plans to release her own music soon. In the meantime, enjoy her original song, “Jump”.