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EP Review: Kimberly Kelly – Don’t Blame It on Me

Artist: Kimberly Kelly

Album: Don’t Blame It on Me

Year: 2018

Label: Independent

Genre: Traditional Country

Kimberly Kelly’s Don’t Blame It on Me is the female country album I’ve been waiting for. It’s practically timeless. This five-song EP has been crafted and polished into a stone cold country gem. Kelly both opens and closes the EP with a fresh take on modern country with “Prayer and a Six Pack,” and “Daddy’s 8-Track.” If you’re a sucker for a heart achin’ ballad like me, prepare to have your heart broken by, my personal favourite track, “First Fool in Line.”

Not only is the songwriting unmistakably country, so is the instrumentation! Is it a fiddle you’ve been missing? Steel, maybe? Well, you can thank your lucky stars because they both take center stage on this EP. There’s even some mandolin to soothe your soul. It’s the complete package, really.

Though Don’t Blame It on Me is not Kelly’s debut album, it’s arguably, already her most notable. It seems to have come right at the perfect time in the current climate of country music. I cannot wait to see what else Kimberly Kelly has up her sleeve. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming interview with her. I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t wait to see what she has to say!

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