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Lauren Weintraub: Careful Now

This week’s Belmont Sessions artists came to us on suggestion from Olivia Bandy, our artist-in-residence. Needless to say, when we heard Lauren sing, we were blown away. With strong songwriting skills and an already seasoned voice, Weintraub has got what it takes to hash it as a young artist in Nashville. Weintraub currently attends Belmont University where she is majoring in Songwriting with a minor in Music Business. Of her current home in Nashville, Weintraub commented “Belmont has one of the prettiest campuses I have ever seen and creates the best possible environment for a songwriter like me. So many of the amazing opportunities I have been lucky enough to get have come through school and I absolutely love being at Belmont.”

Unlike many of our featured artists who fell in love with music through church or their parents, Weintraub took a different path to arrive at songwriting as an intended career. “I first really knew that I was in love with music through theatre. I’m a triplet with two brothers so I started off playing every sport there was because they did too. Karate, soccer, baseball…none of it stuck. My mom put me in theatre classes and it immediately stuck. It was like singing was what I was always meant to do. I started doing professional theatre around the age of twelve and discovered songwriting in my first year of high school. My parents are the most incredible supporters I have and help me through every hard decision, while also pulling back and letting me run my career by myself. I really respect the ways they wanted me to be independent in my music because I now feel like I can conquer a lot on my own when it comes to music and the business of music. I have fostered my love of music by protecting my creativity; I try not to over-produce art. It can be exciting when you’re living in a city like Nashville and you want to write every single day of the week. I’ve learned that quality over quantity is definitely real and it is just as important to get outside, do yoga, relax, and fill your mind as it is to create.”

In addition to singing and songwriting, Weintraub plays several instruments. “I play guitar, piano, ukulele, and I’m starting to learn bass and harmonica. I also really want to pick up the dobro! I started taking classical piano lessons around the age of seven. I quit after about a year because the creative aspect was not working for me. I didn’t like having to play notes off a page that didn’t have lyrics or a story threaded into it. I picked up guitar a few years later and started learning Taylor Swift and Christina Grimme songs (the artists that eventually inspired me to write my own stuff). Once I started learning songs I cared about and understood, guitar became an addiction. My amazing guitar teacher, Bill Decker, also happened to know piano and was able to teach me how to play songs I loved on piano as well. Once I had this foundation of instrumentation, I began to write my own songs.”

Lauren Weintraub is a current student at Belmont, so her days are as full of classes as they are of songwriting. “On campus, I am attending my 8am classes (not my favorite time to wake up but it lets me write during the day.) I just participated in and won the ASCAP Fall Writer’s showcase which means I get to perform at the Best of The Best showcase at Belmont in April which I absolutely cannot wait for. I am really just getting to know my peers and my professors here as they will be who I will be working with in a few years. Off campus, I am writing almost everyday, playing shows at least once a week and trying to grow as a writer and an artist. Since moving to Nashville, I feel like I understand my artistry now more than ever, and it is so incredibly exciting. I just started playing with a band and we recently finished my first record. It is eight songs that I feel are my truth and my story and I cannot wait for it to be out in the world.”

Weintraub intends to keep writing, both for herself and for others, after she graduates Belmont. One main goal of hers is to get into synch and have songs in movies and television shows. In the long term, Weintraub has her sights set on making records and becoming a touring artist. “What got me into music originally was being onstage and that will always be my favorite aspect of it: the live show. There is something so vulnerable about a live show that matches the types of songs I love to write. I would also love to get back into theatre and voiceover and really be able to explore all aspects of acting as it is still something I love to do. “

Weintraub is working on the finishing touches for her upcoming album, but took the time to record an original, “Careful Now”, for the Belmont Sessions. You can follow Lauren Weintraub on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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