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Letter From the Editor: March

Dear Readers,


Ever since I was a little girl, listening to songs like “Fancy” and “White Limozeen” in the back of my grandmother’s Thunderbird, I dreamt of being a part of the grit and glamour of the country music industry. When I think of country music, a few things come to mind: big hair, boots, rhinestones, rodeos and dirt. What also comes to mind is a community filled with brilliance and a whole lot of heart, creativity, and passion.


From its earliest roots in Appalachia to the Bristol sessions in the 1920’s to the Ryman Auditorium today, country music has always been a genre that’s foundation lies in real life. Country music tells the stories of the common man… and woman. Those perfect happily ever afters and the breathtaking love affairs, those good-hearted women standing by their men, that small town girl finally seeing her name in the marquee lights, the survivors. Country music is the soundtrack to our lives. The genre provides a space for both our most impressive and most humble hopes and dreams and wishes to take flight. It brings faith and healing into our darkest moments, and love and light into our brightest.


It is our mission at Lula 1892 to encompass that same spirit of passion, hard work, and creativity that so many in our industry bring to the table. We want to promote new work and the outstanding up and coming young artists. We will also celebrate the legends who have paved their way.  We especially would like to bring focus to the women in our industry and the hardships they have had and are currently facing. At Lula we work hard to keep the heritage of country music, and the love and the community that comes with it, at the forefront of everything we do. After all, that is what country music is all about.


As we begin to round out the first couple of months at Lula 1892, I want to thank everyone who first didn’t look at me and tell me I was crazy for jumping into this with nothing more than a pen and a prayer. I would also like to thank everyone who has actively participated in making the first round of interviews and articles as wonderful as they are. Lula 1892 is growing with fervor, and I could not be more excited. Next month the team is growing! Adding to the Lula team of writers was something I thought would remain a pipe dream for much longer than three months. Sometimes things just fall perfectly into place- just like they were meant to be.


I am so thrilled to welcome Morgan Pynn to the Lula 1892 family as our official reviewer and a contributor.  Morgan is an Alberta based Canadian writer, reviewer, and connoisseur of all things country music. She has previously edited for Lula 1892 on a freelance basis, but you will now be able to find her music reviews right here every week!


Growing up in small-town Alberta, it’s no surprise that Morgan has a deep-rooted love for country music. She has an understandable bias toward our Canadian counterparts. Along with growing up listening to all of our American greats, she recalls a healthy mix of homegrown talents playing through the radio speakers throughout her childhood as well- the likes of Paul Brandt, George Canyon, Terri Clark, Lisa Brokop, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, and Corb Lund, just to name a few. As I do with all of the artists we interview at Lula, I sat down with Morgan to chat about why she is joining our team.


JR: Why did you want to get involved with Lula 1892?


MP: I wanted to get involved with Lula because I believe in what Lula is trying to accomplish. Country music is far too important just to be swept under the parking lot party and cut-off Daisy Dukes rug. Country music tells the stories that other genres don’t. We talk about Mama, and Jesus, and trains, and cancer. Country Music is a backbone, and it’s a safety net. It builds you up, and it breaks you down. It raises your babies (just don’t let ’em grow up to be cowboys), and teaches you all life’s toughest lessons. You don’t get that anywhere else.


JR: Why music reviews?


MP: I’m incredibly picky when it comes to country music, and I spend a lot of time sifting through songs and artists looking for that same traditional feel and heart that made country music what it was so many years ago. I often see people saying that country music is dead and gone, but I respectfully disagree. It’s out there! If you know how to look for it, that is. It’s taken me a lot of time, and I mean a lot of time, but I think I may have finally found it. I am so thrilled to have a platform to get it out there for people to hear because it deserves to be heard.


JR: What do you hope to focus on and accomplish during your tenure at Lula?


MP: I want to show people that country music is still very much alive and well. It’s absolutely thriving! I want to bring the music that’s not played on the radio back into people’s lives. I want to bring back that soundtrack of life.


JR: Who are your dream artists to work with, interview, and review?


MP: Being welcomed into the Lula family has already been a dream come true. What more could you ask for than to be able to share one of the the biggest parts of your life, your opinions and your thoughts on it with the world? I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to write for Lula, and I’m very proud that my lifelong obsession and dedication to this incredible community has finally turned into something that can make a difference. So, I’ll be taking this one day at a time. Whatever happens, happens, and that’s quite all right with me.


I am beyond thrilled and honored to have such a wonderfully articulate and passionate writer join the Lula team. Morgan and her talents are a testament to the love and community that can be found in our industry if only you open your ears and your heart and listen. We hope you’ll stick around to be a part of the musical family we are forming here at Lula—we’ll be here with open arms.


Join us y’all, it’ll be a good time!

Jasmine Rochelle

Editor in Chief

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