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Lime Rock Amphitheater: The Wrinkle Family’s New Outdoor Music Venue

The Wrinkle family are no strangers to the music industry; with one sister touring worldwide, one sister heading up her own country band, and an impressive resume himself, Reggie Wrinkle has new plans to make good music happen in his own backyard in Texas. Lime Rock Amphitheater, located just outside of Abilene, Texas, is a dream come true a long time in the making. The future site of the 2,000+ seat amphitheater, located next Coronado’s Grill and eleven miles west of Buffalo Gap, Texas, in the hills of the Callahan Divide, is set to open this fall or next spring and be host to some of country music’s most promising new acts.

Future site of Lime Rock Amphitheater | Photo: Reggie and Juanita Wrinkle

Wrinkle, originally from southeast Texas, has made his home with his wife, Juanita, and two sons (one of whom is a Lula favorite- Cameron Wrinkle) in Abilene on a 115-acre ranch. The son of a music teacher, Wrinkle’s history with music is long and rich.  “My mother was a music teacher, and we had a family Bluegrass band.  We used to go to fiddling contests and things like that, and by the time I was eighteen, I had bands asking me to play with them. I ended up playing with some guys locally on occasions who made it pretty far; I played with Tracy Byrd, Mark Chesnutt, Clay Walker, a few other guys. They all got their record deals and hit the road in the 90’s, and I couldn’t imagine myself doing that, so I moved my family to Abilene in 1999.”

Wrinkle maintained his love for music as he and Juanita raised their two sons, eventually passing the torch to Cameron, who is now a recording artist in his own right. Though Wrinkle isn’t touring or recording, his devotion to music still runs deep as he realizes his dream of owning a space for music to be made and shared. “My goal is to create an environment where people can have an experience with music. This’ll be my first time promoting music on this level, and I’m excited about it. I’ve promoted Bluegrass jams, fundraisers and things like that where amateurs have a chance to perform at our grill, and I’m looking forward to jumping into the professional arena. Whatever happens, I want it to be a place where people get to have an experience they won’t forget.”

Wrinkle is planning to book a variety of acts in the space, including artists in the genres of Country, Bluegrass, Americana, Folk, and Christian/Gospel, though he has said he won’t set limits to make the venue genre specific. For more information on the construction of Lime Rock Amphitheatre and to keep up with their opening date, follow Lime Rock Amphitheatre on Facebook. If you’d like information on how to book an act at the venue, you can email Reggie Wrinkle directly. We at Lula can’t wait to see this project through to completion with the Wrinkles and take the inaugural trip to see the opening of this tremendous new music space!