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Olivia Bandy – In This House

In this house there’s a shelf a books I have read and reread

A report card from second grade I hung up on the fridge

And rooms full of ambers make the nights less intimidating

Every picture down the hallway mama found worth framing


Scratches on the wall showed the times I grew

The dust on my bible proved I had a lot more growin to do

And life came down pretty hard sometimes

But the roof and the walls still stood

And lord knows nothin’s perfect but it was good


One thing we all have in common in this world is a place that built us. Olivia Bandy, our Belmont Sessions Artist-in-Residence, has touched perfectly on what its like to remember where you came from. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how far away you go, or what you do – there is always a soft spot for the four walls that kept you safe and helped you grow when you didn’t yet know who you were or what you wanted to be. Stemming from a dream she had shortly after she relocated from her family home to her brand new dorm room at school, Bandy encompasses the feeling of a life well lived and loved coupled with the reality of growing up in the heartwarming and nostalgic “In This House”. At eighteen years old and a freshman at Belmont College, Bandy is already well on her way to writing the songs next generation of legends will want to sing. Paging Lori McKenna, we found your tiny twin.


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