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Olivia Bandy – Louisiana

Olivia Bandy is a freshman music business major at Belmont University. Bandy is taking her time exploring different paths within the music industry as she studies and, upon graduation, would like to pursue a career in publishing or producing. Bandy explained when we asked how making music started for her, “I’ve been writing music for my whole life! I started when I was little, making up songs on the piano. During my sophomore year of high school I began writing lyrically and learned how to play the ukulele.” It didn’t take long for Bandy to discover that when she sang, whether it was her own song or a cover, people stopped and listened. “As a quiet-natured person, it’s nice to be able to hold attention in a way I never knew how to do before. My goal with writing is to create music that is out of the box. New Country music is often composed of the same clichés we’ve heard forever, and I want to break that streak.”

With Reba McEntire being an early influence on Bandy, she found herself inspired to write a song in response to “Fancy”, written by Bobbie Gentry and covered by McEntire. Bandy is naturally drawn to story songs and every story has more than one side, so she took it upon herself to tell the story of Fancy Rae Baker from the perspectives of the white-trash-made-lady’s neighbors.




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