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On the road with Alyssa Trahan

Alyssa Trahan is a multi-talented musician, singer, songwriter, and audio engineer from East Rochester, New York. Since relocating to Nashville to pursue her dream of finding success in the music industry, Trahan’s career has started to take off. You can often catch her opening for some of our most well-loved acts, or touring across the country with her own solo show. We had the chance to chat with Alyssa on her most recent tour to find out more about her favorite instruments to play, how she writes a song, and who in country music has inspired her the most.

Alyssa, you have a long history with music, and I know you play multiple instruments. How did you discover music?

AT: I’ve loved music my entire life, even as a baby. There are home videos of me “dancing” to music before I could walk! But I think a big thing for me was hearing my dad play guitar around the house. He would play pretty much every night. I asked him to teach me how to play when I was around 11, I wanted to learn chords so I could write songs. That’s what really started everything!

What was the first instrument you learned to play? What’s your favorite instrument to play?

The first instrument I learned was piano/keyboard. My family bought a keyboard when I was pretty little and I loved it so much. I would always be learning new songs by ear and writing my own! My favorite instrument to play now is probably guitar, specifically acoustic guitar. I love the sound of it.

 You write your own songs- one of my favorites of yours is “How’d you do that”. What is your biggest source of inspiration for your lyrics?

AT: Thanks! The biggest source of inspiration is definitely personal experiences. Songwriting is great therapy! I also get inspiration from TV shows and movies (especially when I’m binge watching something on Netflix!).

Would you say you drew inspiration from any particular artists for your musical style?

AT: I really love Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark, Dolly Parton, Maren Morris, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. I think those are my biggest inspirations, but I love all genres and listen to everything!

Can you tell us a little bit about the process of writing a song, and what goes into it for you? Because you play so many instruments, are you composing them on top of coming up with lyrics?

AT: The songwriting process is one that’s never the same and sometimes has no rhyme or reason (literally). For me, I usually get an idea in my head – a hook, melody, lyric or groove/beat. Then I record it in my phone and build off of it. I typically start with the chorus, followed by the verses & bridge. My go to for writing is an acoustic guitar, that’s what I’m most comfortable writing on, but I also write on piano, mandolin and ukulele from time to time! I have my own recording studio, so a lot of times I also compose the other instrumentation you hear in my music.

You’ve opened for some pretty big names, including The Charlie Daniels band, Jana Kramer, Rodney Atkins, and Joe Nichols. Have you done this all in Nashville, or are you often on tour?

AT: Most of my opening act slots have been while I’m touring, especially in the summer! I tour on and off throughout the year, but summer is always the craziest.

What are some of the challenges of touring? What are some of your favorite things about it?

AT: A big challenge for me is sticking to my fitness routine and eating healthy. A lot of times I just want to sleep all day so I have the energy to play my shows at night. Plus a lot of the venues I play at have REALLY good food and it’s hard to pick the healthier options when I’m craving fried pickles or pizza. My favorite things about touring are getting to play my music for people all over and meeting the fans (I hate that word, they’re more like family).

If you could put a dream tour together, what cities would you hit and what venues would you play?

AT: I would hit as many cities as possible! But specifically the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman and/or Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado and CMAC in Canandaigua, NY (that’s where I went to college, I used to jam out on that stage between classes). Those are my bucket list places!

You moved from Rochester to Nashville to pursue music as a career. Do you have any words of advice, or anything you want to highlight about your experience for other young musicians preparing to do the same?

It was a pretty scary moving almost 1000 miles away from my hometown, but it was definitely the right thing for me to do. If you really want something, you have to go for it with everything you have. Nothing happens overnight, but if you put the work in, stay humble and be kind to people, good things will happen!

Lastly, where we can we find you to watch you perform?

My full tour schedule is on my website –!


Top 3 Country songs                                      Top 3 Artists                                  Where to find Alyssa

“Jolene” by Dolly Parton                                      Dolly Parton                        

“My Church” by Marren Morris                         Marren Morris

“Humble & Kind” by Tim McGraw                    Kacey Musgraves

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