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On Tour with Farewell Angelina

The greatest joy music can bring is a connection with someone else. Whether it is a favorite song, a shared love of an instrument, or the power you feel when you realize you’ve hit a perfect harmony in the car with your girlfriends, music is a tie that binds our entire world. Once a connection is made it isn’t forgotten. The women of Farewell Angelina are using that connection for something more than their own joy; they’re using it to bring joy to the rest of the world, too. 

Longtime friends Nicole Witt, Andrea Young, Lisa Torres and Ashley Gearing all met in Nashville while they were separately pursuing their dreams of making music. Each artist saw success in their own right, touring and recording with top artists and writing songs for some of country music’s biggest hitmakers. Each held respect and admiration for the other as they reached varied benchmarks for success, but it was when they sang together and heard the undeniable magic of their harmonies that things really clicked for the women. Lula 1892 had a chance to chat with the ladies of Farewell Angelina about their beginnings, their unique name, and where they’re headed next on this crazy ride.

How did you arrive at the Bob Dylan song, “Farewell Angelina”, to name your band?

Andrea actually had the idea! We were looking for a name, which is so difficult theses days, and she thought of great artists and writers who had song titles with beautiful names in them. The song “Farewell Angelina” was about a time of transition and that just seemed perfect for us.

How Does your songwriting process differ as a group of four from when you’re writing songs individually?

When we’re writing individually it can be very focused and rewarding, but often times those songs end up as great pitches for other solo artists. There is some kind of magic that happens when the four of us get in a room to write a song. We each have very different musical and lyric tastes and ideas. The combination of those ideas has become the voice of Farewell Angelina. Getting a chance to write for our band has been a real gift.

You manage remarkable 4-part harmonies on so many of your songs. Has your ability to harmonize so well and so naturally together influenced the way that you write as a group?

Definitely! We think a lot about how something will sound with four singers versus one, and many times write around that concept. 

You’re currently on the “Women & Wine” tour and you’ve got a ton of dates scheduled through 2019. Can you give fans a glimpse of what it’s like on your tour bus? 

Tour bus life is amazing, or it will be once we take that next step, haha! Right now we’re flying a lot which means a ton of rental cars, vans & SUVs and mostly us driving. So the experience is a little different than some other artists and bands. There’s a ton of work that gets done on the road and the close proximity helps foster that for us.

What was the inspiration behind “Women & Wine”? Did you write it together? 

Women and wine obviously, but really just great girlfriends and good times inspired that song! We don’t take ourselves too seriously so writing a song like that came naturally for us. We wrote that with our dear friend Sarah Davidson!

When can fans expect your new EP? What is the inspiration (or the story) behind the new EP?

The new EP will be out the end of January and we couldn’t be more excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been pouring our hearts and so much time into! We tried to take our time with our fans on and off stage into the writing rooms and the studio this time around. We wanted a record that we would be proud of but also one that our Farewell Family would listen to and think “That totally sounds like Farewell Angelina”, something that people can buy and take home after our show and relive the memories that we all created the night they saw us. We feel like we captured that magic.

Farewell Angelina is right in the middle of their “Women & Wine” tour with dates booked through May 2019 across the United States. To keep track of where Farewell Angelina will be next check their website and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Farewell Angelina will have brand new music available on January 25, 2019. 

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