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Queeva Celebrates her 15th Birthday With a Brand New Single- “Stand Out”

It’s no secret that everyone at Lula 1892 adores the young singer/songwriter, Queeva. With a strong, uplifting personality that is so perfectly reflected in her positive and inspirational lyrics, Queeva’s music is fast becoming a beacon of light and hope for other young people to turn to and find solace in. When we interviewed Queeva earlier this year, she commented on her writing and the inspiration behind her songs, “I always take a simple concept and try to find the best way that a lot of people can relate to it. Inspiration for songs usually comes from things that I witness around me. I’ll take a simple situation I’ve experienced or I’m witnessing as inspiration and frame it in a bigger way. “Live Like a Song”, for example, is a good one. I see kids in my school all the time who are sad and who feel alone and I wanted to remind them, and everyone, that you never have to be alone. Why not live like a song? Music is something that’s always there, for everyone.”

Queeva’s newest single, “Stand Out” is no exception to her tendency to find the positive in any and all situations. With an energetic back beat that compliments the soul in her voice, the Irish American singer from Chicago makes a strong case for standing out in a world where so many live in fear of being different. A friend and colleague close to Queeva commented “I truly feel that with “Stand Out”, Queeva continues carving out a unique space for herself as a positive role model speaking out against bullying and the everyday pressure to be ‘normal'”. In addition to the uplifting message of her lyrics, Queeva’s new song is just dang catchy; this is a song for all ages, one that young folks can play in the car that Mom and Dad will want to listen to as well.

Photo Credit: Angela Talley/Marbaloo

One of the most promising, refreshing things about Queeva and her newest single is that she does not try to negate the fact that she is a young person in a grown up industry. Instead, she uses her age to her advantage. The singer embraces her talents and the unique position being such a young person in the industry affords her. Rather than go out of her way to write about subjects she has yet to experience Ala your typical cheating, fighting country song, Queeva relates to the overall human condition beautifully. We all experience fear. We all experience feeling outcast. We all experience wanting to fit in. Especially as young people finding our way through grade school, college, and into the real world. Queeva, with the aid of fellow songwriters Jamie O’Neal and Minnie Murphy, expertly wraps those emotions of insecurity and fear into a cohesive story of bravery and self love in her newest single. “Sometimes it can be difficult because people doubt you when you’re so young in the industry. But this is a huge honor to be able to share my message with people my age, as well as anyone else who wants to listen. The message I want to send is that you’re not alone. I really hope that people will turn to my music for whatever they need to get out of it, whether that’s friendship or hope. That’s the way I’ve felt listening to artists I look up to, and I want to be that for others,” she remarked in our last interview with equal parts joy and grit in her voice; two things that will no doubt take her far.

We’re thrilled to celebrate Queeva’s 15th birthday (today!) by sharing her brand new single, “Stand Out”, which is available on Apple Music.  For more information on Queeva’s music, visit her website and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Happy birthday, dear girl!


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