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Songwriter’s Circle with Neil Nicastro

In his song “Ok, Let’s Sing,” Neil Nicastro captures the fun of finding another artist you can really connect to; dueting with Riley Loftus to highlight the spirit and nature of collaborative art and music as a unifying medium is what this featured song is all about.
Neil Nicastro has a long history in music; as a professional musician he has played over three thousand gigs. He has played in forty two states while touring in a jam band, a hip hop band, an indy rock band, and currently a national country act. He sings, plays guitar, piano, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, bass, drums, and percussion. We’re wondering if there’s anything Neil can’t do!
His current recording project, which includes his featured song “Ok Let’s Sing”, is a culmination of all his passion and experience. Currently released and available on iTunes and Spotify are the first five out of a group of twenty one that he will be releasing over the next year. The current mix of songs is a fun, alternative mix of country, groove, and even a little bit of classical guitar.
You can catch Neil in one of his weekly acoustic gigs this month, or you can catch him playing guitar with Nate Hosie for Granger Smith and Locash coming up in February! Look for concert dates on Neil’s website or Facebook.

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