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Video Premiere: Joshua- Sarah Morey

It’s quarantine time but the show must go on! Many thanks to Sarah Morey for keeping us entertained while we are all housebound. About her new video, “Joshua”, Morey remarked “I made this video with my good friend Addison Lentz (she is also a student at Belmont).  Addison has done most of the photography for my album as well as some of the videography (including the Joshua lyric video).  I had a clear vision for this video and Addison really made it come to life.  Neither of us had been through the process of making a lyric video, so it was a learning process for both of us but I am so proud of the end product.  We filmed the video on the top of a parking garage at night and it was freezing, especially because I was wearing a short, mesh dress.  When the camera wasn’t rolling, I was shivering so much.  During the shots outside of the car that you see toward the end of the video, the rain that was falling was actually snow flurries.  Luckily, it didn’t take too long to get all of the shots we needed.  Addison is incredible and I am so lucky to work with her and have her as a friend!”


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