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We Love: “Avaline” by Emily Miller

We are LOVING this new lyric video for “Avaline” by country, bluegrass, and gospel singer, Emily Miller. Miller’s team explains “we all walk a different road to find our true selves. Some roads look perfectly paved but they were once pothole filled and bumpy roads and that’s the inspiration behind Avaline. Avaline is the story of a girl who the world sees as perfect, but she has walked a “country mile” to get there and through that she’s found the person she wants and needs to be. The name Avaline means “wished for or wanted” which is the perfect meaning for a song about wanting to find your own self.”

“It has been one month since “Avaline” was released and we have more than 25,000 streams, 11,000 monthly listeners and close to 650 saves,” shared Emily Miller. “I am so grateful for all your love and support and everyone who has listened. It amazes me everyday! I want my fans to see the lyrics behind ‘Avaline’ because they paint a story of the life of Avaline and how she may appear perfect from the outside, but she’s walked a country mile to get there.”

The single was self-penned by Miller with production by Colt Capperrune and recorded at Dark River Studios in Nashville. “Avaline” is available on Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and more here.

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